Sunday, April 21, 2013


I read an interesting article in the newspaper, yesterday, about the historic buildings in Dunedin and it quoted a poem by Thomas Bracken.

Here's the poem, illustrated by a photo I took of Dunedin city from Anderson's Bay.

Dunedin from the Bay

Go Trav'ler, unto others boast
Of Venice and Rome;
Of Saintly Mark's majestic pile
And Peter's lofty dome;
Of Naples and her trellised bowers,
Of Rhinleand far away: -
These may be grand but give to me
Dunedin from the bay.

Thomas Bracken, 1843-1898

Born in Ireland in 1843 Thomas Bracken immigrated to Australia at the age of 12, then came to Dunedin, New Zealand at age 25. He worked in journalism and politics and was a notable poet of the day, but he is, perhaps, best remembered as the man who penned the words to our National Anthem: God Defend New Zealand.

I'm looking wistfully at the blue sky in the photo. Summer has finally left us on this cold rainy Sunday afternoon! Oh well, it's good for the garden.