Friday, June 22, 2012

Miss Amelia Hughes

I haven't posted for awhile, but the reason is all good: I've been writing!

The last few months have been hard work and trying to write has been like pulling the proverbial hen's teeth. But something has just clicked in this brain of mine and it's all go.

I've been working on Amelia's story, (I really must find a title for this novel), and the characters are popping off the page. I need to have an image in my head for the MC and Amelia has always been a bit murky. Was she a brunette, a blond? Tall or short? What colour are her eyes and just what is she like?

Yesterday in the middle of a scene that showed her naivety and her taste for fine, expensive fashions, she leapt off the page as a fully developed and very much 'alive' character. Which, of course, makes it all that much easier to write about her.

What's more, I have seen this young lady before. In a painting.

May I present, ladies and gentleman, Miss Amelia Hughes.

Renior's Dance at Bougival

Well, I must get back to her. She's strolling up Maclaggan Street with a new acquaintance of dubious character. I need to save her before .... well, lets just say, I need to save her!


  1. Glad to hear you have launched ... although I think you had but just needed that extra boost! What a gorgeous painting and so is Amelia. Now go save her some more ... :)

    1. Thanks. Yes I was certainly heading the right way, but now I've got wings!

  2. What a temptation and what a gorgeous painting? I just love Renoir his works are so alive. As for a title "Saving Miss Amelia" has a very nice ring...or what about Temptation and Miss Amelia".
    I can't wait to read how you manage this difficult task.
    PS The other Renoir painting I love is "Girl in Blue with a watering can."

  3. Thank you for title suggestions, Shirley. It's something I always seem to struggle with.
    I love Renoir, too many favourites to mention, but I have a large print of Au bord de la mer, in the lounge, that a friend gave me. I just love it. Girl in Blue with a watering can is very sweet. I love his paintings of children.
    Have a good weekend :)

  4. Well, based on the painting, I can't wait to read the book! I've been busy writing as well and so I've not been online often.

    1. Good to hear the writing is going well for you too. Are you working on the next Evans and Blackwell mystery?

  5. I am so glad the writing is going well! Love the painting, too. :)