Monday, May 20, 2013


A whole month has passed since I last posted. So what has this blogger been doing? Quite a lot really, but none of it related to writing.

There's been the on going renovation of our kitchen. Renovating is a first for both me and hubby and we've discovered we like it! Look out house - no walls or floors are safe! When we are finally finished I'll post some photos.

Our oldest son has moved out and the other two are in that teenage stage where they need a lot of input and running about.

I've also been sewing quite a bit. New clothes and crafts. The ideas have been bubbling over.

Of course there is one thing missing from this list: writing.

With both the novels I have been working on I have felt like I had written myself into a corner - well two corners really. So I decided to take a break. A writing sabbatical. Once I got over the guilt and the terrible feeling that my writing days were over, I began to see a way out of those corners. Whilst I'm not putting words on paper (or a computer screen) my stories are churning away in the back of my mind. New ideas and fresh approaches are presenting themselves almost daily.

I'm not sure when I'll get back to the writing. I have a feeling I'll just know when the time is right. In the mean time I'm enjoying my other creative pursuits.

Have you taken a break from writing and how did it work for you?

Here's a wee peak at my new kitchen. There was a window here that looked into our garage - not very pretty. Now I have a lovely shelf. I still have to hang the cow picture. 


  1. I firmly believe it's important to take a break from writing, especially when it's not going well. We need the distance from our work sometimes to really see what's wrong with it. I also think that indulging in other creative endeavors unlocks the door to solving those issues, too.

    I have never done a remodel and I'm not sure I would like it as I hate chaos in my house. Now I DO like decorating and arranging things to my taste, but the whole painting and sanding and cutting wood and pulling out the old stuff...not for me! :) But I'm so glad you're enjoying it! ;)

  2. Yes, isn't it amazing that when we take a break from writing that our muses go into overtime and our problems start to be resolved. I couldn't 'give-up' writing if I tried!
    I'm not so keen on the chaos in the house either, but it will be worth it in the end. At least we're not doing anything too major. Removing cabinetry and relining walls is the most 'destructive' thing. And I wield a paintbrush while hubby and son work their muscles ;) .