Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Jane Austen Challenge

A while ago I challenged myself to reading all of Jane Austen's novels and those of you with beady eyes will have noticed that I have added Mansfield Park to my list.

I'd thought I would write a review about it, but to be perfectly honest it wasn't my favourite read. I've read a review of Mansfield Park by A.S.Byatt who said: "It's been used to prove that Jane Austen was secretly concerned to make a point about slavery." Now I know that has been utilised in a movie version, but I went through my copy with a fine toothed comb and no mention of slavery was present. Do I have pages missing, am I incredibly dense? If anyone can throw some light on this matter, I'd love to hear from them.

However, intrigue aside, I wanted to tell you about the beautiful copies of Miss Austen's books that I have gracing my bookshelf, courtesy of a very generous husband. They are published by Collector's Library and are  reasonably priced. Under the elegant dust cover are red silk covers, gold edged pages and a satin marker. I love their small size - perfect to slip into a ladies reticule.

They publish a large range of classics, from Alice in Wonderland to Moby Dick. I'm tempted to add a few more classics to the shelf.

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  1. That does sound intriguing and I'm sure you're not a dense person.

    I would like those Austen books gracing my shelves, too! So delicate and lovely. How lucky!