Saturday, June 2, 2012


Lately I have been making headway with my NZ historical novel and another short story. The next competition for the Dunedin Writers' Workshop has a New Zealand theme and I'm working on a story set in Dunedin in the 1950s. A new decade for me - in fact it's a different century to what I normally write!

The work on my novel is moving from barely plodding to an easy ramble. Hopefully I'll progress to a trot or even a run in the near future.

My blogging friend Elisabeth Grace Foley has just released a short story - "War Memorial". You can purchase it here. It takes a refreshing angle on war and leaves you wanting more - in a good way :)

This week I have started up a new blog. Don't worry this one will still go on with its normal erratic postings! I just wanted to try something different and focus more on my home town of Dunedin and my take on living there. You can visit it here.

Have a great Queen's Birthday weekend and if you're from somewhere at the top end of the world, I hope the sun shines on you all weekend!


  1. Sounds like you've really taken off writing-wise. Best of luck re the competition. I love the 50s!

    Wow. I'm going to link to your new blog right now. I'd love to know about Dunedin.

  2. Thanks for the mention of my story! I'm so glad you liked it.

  3. Cool stuff. I'll have to check out your new blog.

  4. Yay! Love it that the writing is going well. :)