Monday, July 23, 2012


Another new week begins. This time without sick kids or sick me ... please?

Well, its almost lunchtime on Monday and I have written several pages all ready. Today's a good day, long may it last.

I'm enjoying the process of Amelia's novel immensely. Little surprises at every turn. It seems so long since I've been writing like this. Having that vague idea about where things are going, then page by page the story crystalizes. Characters say and do things without even asking my permission! New characters turn up without invites! And then the character you thought you knew, felt sure you could rely, does something so out of character it sends your head reeling.

Who said being locked in a garrett (well, a room really) with pen and paper (ok, it's a Mac) was boring?

When I come up for air I've got a post planned, featuring the most photographed building in the Southern Hemisphere.

Here's a wee clue.  Any ideas?

This is a picture from the interior.