Monday, September 20, 2010


This weekend a huge storm the size of Australia swallowed our little country of New Zealand. High winds and rain assaulted the north and deep snow brought down a stadium in the deep south. In Dunedin, where I live, we had cold grey days with passing flurries of snow. Not that I really noticed, I was lost in the world of Sara Donati's, Fire Along The Sky.

The fourth in The Wilderness series, I found I couldn't put it down. Another ten years has passed since the last volume. Nathaniel's Mohawk daughter arrives home without her husband or son and a tale of horror, Elizabeth and Nathaniel's daughter Lily struggles with love and life, her twin Daniel rushes off to fight in the 1812 war and their cousin Jennet, newly widowed, arrives from Scotland.

Add to that the reappearance of a man from Hannah's past, a woman bent on hateful revenge, a plot to free prisoner's of war and a mysterious and dangerous priest and you have a rip roaring yarn.

What I especially liked was the way the story now revolves around the children of Elizabeth and Nathaniel, yet they are still at the heart of things. Also, Sara Donati manages to tie this incredible multi layered story in an authentic historical setting.

A new twist with this book is the cliff hanger ending. There were many resolutions, but a main character's whereabouts and safety are left in the balance. I'm looking at the cover of the next book - Queen of Swords - and wondering if I can put off reading it while I attack one or two others from my TBR pile. I think not.


  1. Oh, lucky you! Getting to read all these historical books. Your review makes me want to dump everything I'm doing and tuck in to this fabulous read. I'd have to read the other three first of course. I would go for the Queen of Swords too - love those titles. Happy reading.

  2. Hi Joanne,
    Yes, I love reading historical novels - probably that's why I'm writing one. But they do take a long time to read and the TBR pile just gets taller and taller. Have a productive writing week!