Thursday, January 6, 2011


It's been awhile since I've posted. I've been in total holiday mode: late nights watching movies; long lie-ins and plenty of reading. A very luxurious twist to this decadence is my eldest son's New Year Resolution. He gets up before everyone else and makes his Mum and Dad breakfast-in-bed! Now that is something I can really cope with.

I'm not into making resolutions myself. I know I'd be doomed to failure. However, I do like to think ahead and make some plans. I've let my writing holiday stretch out much longer than I intended, but my Muse has been haunting me and over the last few days and I've laid out some achievements to aim for.

Having now completed the first drafts of all three books in the trilogy, my aim this year is to get the first book ready so I can find an agent/publisher. That was my aim for last year, but in hindsight I was being a bit ambitious. Now it feels achievable.

In a few days I'm off for a week's holiday in the Catlins with hubby and when I get back I'll be diving back into Blackbird and getting it into the best shape I can.

I've also added another reading challenge for the year. This one is for Historical Fiction and I plan to read 20 books. It's being organised by Historical Tapestry. I'll keep you updated as I complete both my reading challenges.


  1. I like that you took the holidays easy. It's nice to rest once and a while. I feel I just kept going and going and now feel on the verge of collapse.

    I hope you have success getting your trilogy done.

  2. Clarissa - I hope you find time for a rest soon.

  3. Have a nice time away with your Hubby, Sue. Look forward to your historical reads for 2011.