Monday, January 17, 2011


Last week hubby and I holidayed in the Catlins. Located on the south east coast of the South Island it is a wilderness of long golden beaches, sheer granite cliffs and great expanses of native rainforest. I loved  walking through the forest where the top canopy of podocarp trees filtered the sun and everything dripped with water. It was peaceful - the only company being Fantails flitting between the trees and Bellbirds and Tui calling overhead.

Jacks Blowhole

We filled in the days with walks to all the points of interest. We visited several magnificent waterfalls, beaches, the remains of a 170 million year old petrified forest and an intriguing blowhole. Two hundred metres from the coast, Jack's Blowhole is 55 metres deep. I could have watched the ocean thundering in for hours.

On return, I caught up with the news that New Zealand's first 'pavlova western'- Good For Nothing, is having its premiere at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival at the end of this month. You can find out about them on their Facebook Page here. I posted about the movie a few months back here. I wish Mike Wallis and all at Mi Films the best of luck and great success with their venture.

Here's the trailer for the movie. It's going to be a good one! And all New Zealand made!


  1. I wonder how long we have to wait before we get to see it. Any clue? I can't wait.

  2. Oh, sounds looovely! Peaceful. I hope your trip has contributed to your novel in some way. Perfect.

    I managed to watch the You Tube clip for about a minute - my Internet connection is poor out here in the sticks and gets very frustrating. The film looks wow! So that is what they call a 'Pavlova Western'. I like it.

  3. What stunning photos! Haven't yet made it to that part of the country but it's on the list of things to do. I guess I just enjoy going into central where it is WARM!! have you thought of submitting your experiences of this holiday to Escape (Sunday Star Times) or North and South? You write so well!!!

  4. Thank you Tania - I'll look in to it. Oh, and believe it or not the Catlins were warm! But I'm like you, nothing beats a holiday in Central.