Thursday, January 27, 2011


In the year 1888, in Victorian England, being twenty-nine and single label you a spinster. The opportunities in life are limited to being a governess or a ladies companion. But Amelia has a dream: she wants to become a qualified teacher and work in a school.

After convincing her father to allow her to attend a women's teacher training college, her life makes a sudden dramatic turn. The plight of seven motherless children and her desire to experience a foreign land, convince her to sail to New Zealand. Once there she will marry a widower: Mr Theodore Brennan, of Tautuku Bay in the Catlins.

But when she steps onto the wharf at Port Chalmers, she finds more than she bargained for ...

And so my new novel begins.

Tautuku Bay.


  1. Wow Sue! I am so impressed. Does that mean that you've finishe dthe other one? Thanks for the update and synopsis. Sounds fantastic.

  2. And you've made a great start too!

    Much enjoyed the first meeting af mad scribblers for the year... tea, cake and new writing... fantastic!

  3. A great beginning! Look forward to more ... :D