Monday, February 21, 2011


This weekend the Dunedin Public Library had their Barking Mad sale. This is where they sell off stock at ridiculously low prices. With books ranging from 50 cents to $4, how could a book lover resist?

Dunedin crime writer Vanda Symon didn't. You can read about her finds here.  I managed two trips. The first on Friday evening had me bringing home 14 novels. My daughter picked up 7 posters, numerous pony magazines and the DVD of the Maddigan's Quest TV series - originally a book by New Zealand author Margaret Mahy. Not surprisingly she was thrilled.

I just couldn't resist another trip on Sunday afternoon. There wasn't too much left, but I found another 4 novels, and my daughter grabbed another pile of magazines, a couple of pony books, and a book about Twelfth Night. She just adores Shakespeare - has done since she was 9. Once she discovered talking books of the plays she was hooked, but I digress.

So, my laden book shelves are now groaning. Recently I've had to turn the books on their sides and fill the shelves with horizontal stacks of books. It doesn't look as pretty, but it works. The problem being, even if I went out and brought more shelves I'd have nowhere to put them! Now maybe when the kids leave home ...

Amongst my new treasures are:
An Elizabeth Chadwick novel - I've been wanting to read her for awhile.
Isolde by Rosalind Miles - the first in a trilogy which looks fascinating.
The Crusader by Michael Alexander Eisner - I read this several years ago and had been wanting to re-read it.
P.S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern - I love the book and the movie. So romantic!
Holy Days and Classical Music by New Zealander, Joy Cowley - my kids learnt to read with her Greedy Cat books, but I've never read one of her novels for grown - ups.

Now to find an unoccupied desert island so I can read to my heart's content!

If you squint you can see me!


  1. you're rubbing it in! All of you! I don't think i've made it to a regent sale in 5 years. I made a mental note to get to the library sale (putting it in the category - revisit next month) and still missed it.

    Ah well... back to picking books out of skips and people's recycle bins for me...

  2. Barking Mad alright! I always return the next day when we have our local book fair. I know what you mean about groaning book shelves. It doesn't take long before you stack the next lot horizontally. Glad your daughter found a few treasures. Enjoy.