Tuesday, March 15, 2011


We have three wonderful silver birches on our fence line and today as I hopped in the car I noticed the leaves had started to turn. In a week or so I expect the whole valley to be painted red, gold and bronze. I love the change of seasons, and my favourite is always the one we're just moving into!

The decent from autumn to winter is an awesome time. The days get shorter, the air is damp and filled with the aroma of mulching leaves and wood smoke. I get to wear my merino socks and gloves and drown myself in my woollen coat. The soup pot can come out of hiding and I can cross the 'watering plants' chore off my list.

And the best place to do all the reading a writer must do?  In front of the fire of course.

One of our cats has started storing up food for winter. Yesterday whilst sitting in the kitchen, with the door wide open, Captain delivered a very live mouse at my feet. And yes I leapt onto a chair!  The little rodent scuttled behind a dresser and hasn't been seen since. I only hope he has made it outside again.


  1. What a cute rodent, but I'd still jump on a chair plus the squeal!
    Is summer almost over? Autumn is a beautiful transition.

  2. Joanne - yes there was a squeal as well!

  3. It's that time of year that the house can fill up with lots of furry extras! We aren't so blessed as to have a cat, so it's time to put the traps out again...