Thursday, January 26, 2012


2011 is well and truly over and as I look back on it I can say I'm glad it's passed. For lots of reasons it was a hard year.  However, there are always high points and interesting diversions to even the worst of years.

It was the year I was able to stand back from my first WIP and make some much needed decisions. At present Blackbird is quietly marinating in my bottom drawer, but not forgotten.

I started two new projects, faltered on one and am slowly progressing through the other.

Putting my hand up and becoming the president of our local Writers' Workshop was a moment fraught with nerves, yet it has turned out to be a very positive move. Sometimes it's good to step outside of our comfort zones.

Fountain at Versailles, France.

After much fundraising we were able to send our oldest son on a European tour. The experience is something he will treasure for many years.

2011 was also my final year as a homeschooling Mum. My daughter is set to start high school next Friday, leaving me with a lot more hours in the day.

As life takes it twists and turns we can never really know our future, but despite that we lay plans for the days, months, and years ahead; hoping at least some will come to fruition.

These are my plans for 2012:

1 Finish my present WIP: working title 'Tegan's Story'.

2 Be more creative: patchwork, card making, stitching.

3 Read plenty of good books.

4 Blog more regularly than I have been.

And as I work on Number 4, you'll get to hear about my long, hot summer; my first foray into 4 wheel driving; and my best reads of last year. I hope you'll join me.

Old Dunstan Road - close to where Rohan, LOTR was filmed.
Oh, I need to add another: Don't put bread in the oven and then write blogs!  (Don't worry, the house is still standing!)


  1. They all sound very worthy and fulfilling plans. We must get together for another coffee (or two) in 2012!

    1. Yes we must, Kay.
      I'm enjoying reading about your trip away.

  2. That last bit made me chuckle. I constantly forget what I'm baking or cooking when I'm blogging or surfing. Crazy.
    Your 2012 plan sounds excellent. Good to see you have some extra hours to bat out your WIP. All the best!

    1. Glad to know I'm not the only one who forgets these things when a computer is in front of me! :)
      I'm so looking forward to the 'extra' hours. I hope I do them justice.