Saturday, June 30, 2012


In the midst of a chilling winter, there are always those wonderful frosty mornings that turn into sunny blue-skied days. Last Saturday was one of those days and hubby and I took advantage of the weather and went for a stroll around the Anderson's Bay inlet. And as an aside, today has been another sunny day. I've been enjoying this one behind glass; feeling like a plant in a hot house.

As a child my family lived quite close to the inlet: a little bay off the Otago Harbour which is neatly housed into a small tidal lake by a causeway and bridge. My older brothers and I would catch crabs and other sea creatures. I have faint memories of the dove grey backs of the little crabs and the salty scent of the sea.

It makes for a nice brisk walk and the recent opening of a little cafe called Brew in nearby Musselburgh Rise makes the destination that much sweeter.

This one is taken from the causeway, looking south. No doubt those houses would get a bird's-eye view of the water!

Looking north from the causeway. The harbour has many of these quaint boat houses which, to me, look much more picturesque than the new stadium on the other side of the water.

As the tide turned water swirled under the bridge.

A common garden seagull.

A house perched upon the cliff.

Next week I'm off on holiday to the Maniototo basin. No phone, no computer - but I will have the camera. I'll tell you all about it when I get back.


I've started a writer's page on Facebook - the link is on the right hand side of my blog.

As you will read on the FB page I'm about to embark on a new venture. Sometime soon I will be ePublishing a collection of short stories. I'll keep you up to date as I progress through the process.


  1. Wow, beautiful!

    Now, I'm going to LIKE you on FB.

  2. Oh, I missed this but found you on Facebook first then linked from there to here. My Wordpress reader is hopeless!
    Great to hear about your collection of short stories! I'll be keeping a close watch, so I know what to do for my own collection.
    And those photos are wonderful. :)

    1. I must admit to feeling like I'm walking in the dark re my short story publishing :), but I'll keep you posted as to all the hoops I have to leap through!

  3. Oh, it looks gorgeous, JT! I have never lived by any large body of water in my entire life (just rivers) and so I have no idea what it would be like to walk on the beach like that or be that close to the water.

    Hope you have a great time on holiday!

    1. Walking on the beach is magic. Not far from where these photos were taken is a long sandy beach. One day I'll post photos of that too.

      We've just got back from holiday and it was so peaceful. I really feel rested. I even enjoyed the -12 degree frosts!!! We were inland, so it gets a lot colder.