Monday, August 6, 2012


Yesterday I was looking through my folder of short stories when I came upon one entitled, 'Sarah'.

I stared at the title for several minutes trying to remember what on earth this one was about, but failed. So I opened the document and read it. There was just over a page and I really rather enjoyed it, except for one glaring ommission: there were no notes outlining the complete story! I do recollect the opening scene now and even some of the subtext, but where to from here - who knows?

Note to self: Make notes on the beginning, middle and end of every story.

Has this ever happened to you?

As a side note, winter appears to be packing its bags. In the garden, shrubs are flowering and bulbs are pushing up through the earth. The grass is growing and looking so lush that a couple of sheep broke through our back fence to mow it for us. Helpful creatures!

Well, it's back to the writing for me. Have a great day wherever you are.

A flowering shrub in our garden.

The silver birches still look wintery, but there are buds forming on the tips of the branches.


  1. Yes, I have a few short stories lying around in folders somewhere, including the beginnings of a couple of novels. When I come across either one of these, usually by surprise, I'm never sure whether I wrote them or not! Good advice to write beginning, middle and end.

    Winter's leaving? I can't tell up here and it doesn't help that my head's always buried in my novel or a book. I sure am looking forward to summer!

    They are lovely photos. :)

  2. Today's even better. The sun's streaming in my window as I write.

    I was tidying up my desk this morning and found a couple of notes - apparently story ideas. If they weren't in my handwriting I'd doubt they were mine! There must be many dark forgotten recesses in our minds. :)