Sunday, May 30, 2010

How Our Writing Affects Our Reading

I've been thinking about a comment my hubby made the other day. It was: "Do you realise that since you've been writing, your reading material has changed?" After feeling quite chuffed that he'd noticed, I sat down and thought about it.

He was in fact correct. Apart from the occasional foray into American literature, (Diana Gabaldon and Sara Donati) I had read mainly British historical novels. Books by Sharon Penman, Margaret George, Alison Weir and many others.

Now, my reading diet consists of books set in North America - usually the USA. From classics such as The Virginian by Owen Wister, to more modern authors such as Mark Spragg, Leif Enger and Nancy E Turner, I just can't get enough. I want to read about the time and place I am writing.

I'm enjoying these tales of adventure; the exploration and taming of a vast land, and I've discovered some talented authors along the way. However, I know that when I've completed writing my American trilogy there's a long list of non-American books waiting for me.

Meanwhile, in the dark deep recesses of my mind there are several New Zealand historical stories quietly marinating, waiting for their turn to be unleashed onto the page.

Does anybody out there have suggestions for a good NZ historical read? Because I know I'll want to immerse myself, when the time comes.


  1. I can only think of Deborah Challinor (a historian and novelist) at this point.
    Also Jenny Patrick, I think she wrote The Denniston Rose - might have to google to confirm. Hope that's helpful.

  2. Thanks A Certain Book. They are the two I knew of. I will have to dig deeper.
    Did you get sun today? We did :) I didn't recognize it at first!