Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Welcome to JT Webster Books

Three years into the great adventure of writing, the time has finally come to start my own blog.

As a teenager I scribbled stories that invariably had no ending, and some even lacked beginnings! One story held my attention for several months, but it petered out at about chapter five. So I put my pens away and a decided I'd never be a writer. I got on with life. 

Then in October 2007 a story arrived in my head.  I just had to write it down. And thus my journey began.

I fished out my old scribblings and showed them to my friend Ruth, who, after reading them, encouraged me to write this new story. Poor Ruth, she read my first attempts and always managed to encourage (and correct) me. Most of what I wrote in that first year has been trashed. And rightly so!
The story became a novel and the novel became a trilogy.

The first novel, Blackbird, an historical tale of love and adventure set in 1880's Wyoming, is complete at approximately 120,000 words. The sequel is two-thirds finished, and the final in the trilogy is in the planning stage.

At present I am ploughing through the editing of Blackbird. Some days the words sing on the page and all is good. And other days are ...... well, let's just say I often have the urge to fling my laptop out the first floor window!!!  But, being an adult, I restrain myself.

So this blog is another step in my journey towards being a published author. I will share my trials and triumphs, my love of books and reading and anything else that amuses me.


  1. Sue, welcome to the blogoshere!!

    It is about time you started tapping the keys out here in the big wide (scary) world.

    Best of luck with the blog. I promise to be a frequent visitor.

  2. Hi Sue,
    Lovely to see you on board. I'm very much looking forward to following your journey towards publication and any other writerly matters you wish to share. I like your header, by the way. Best Wishes.

  3. Howdy, welcome to the great black hole of time...blogging (-;