Saturday, November 3, 2012


Day three of NaNo - it's Saturday and all the family are about. After doing the weekly grocery shopping, hubby and I had a takeaway coffee overlooking Otago Harbour and our beautiful city.

These photos were taken a few months ago, so the trees look decidedly wintery. Although I have to say that today the weather certainly felt wintery. Here we are in the last month of spring and we have had hail showers all day and apparently there was a little snow on the hills again this morning. I can't confirm that as Saturday is sleep-in day!

After our outing I locked myself in my room and wrote. Today I clocked up 1831 words bringing my total to 5493 - 492 words ahead!

Apart from getting the words down at a good rate, I am enjoying the process. The first half hour is the hardest with false starts, brain freeze, and the constant desire to get up and walk away. Then something clicks in my mind and I'm away.

The biggest change (so far) to the story is that I have made my MC, Maddie, four years older. Now that she is twenty I feel like I have finally connected with her character. In my earlier drafts her youth somehow translated into a weak character. Well, she certainly isn't that anymore. Surprisingly, the change in age has little effect on the overall plot. Sigh! If only I had thought of this earlier.

I've left Maddie, and a few important characters, sitting in a wagon. I hope they don't take off without me overnight!


  1. Nice view while having a cuppa!
    Maddie is certainly developing - well done, and keep up the great work.

  2. Well done on the writing front! I'm the same way - takes me about 20-30 minutes before I can finally settle down and get going. Having chocolate nearby helps, though. =D