Friday, October 1, 2010


I have been taking a short break from my WIP as I'm in the thick of writing a short story for the Dunedin Writer's Workshop's latest competition. Over the last couple of years I've rattled off several short stories. Most have had an historical setting, somewhere in Otago and this one is no different, yet I am tearing my hair out.

I have had moments of wondering if I've lost the touch. Perhaps a short story will never evolve from my muse again. Then today I had an epiphany!

The requirements of this competition are that the story be written in the first person. And there's the rub. I always write in third person.

So today, with the help of a friend, I took a fresh look at the story and everything's starting to fall in place. By the time I blog again I'm hoping the story will be finished, polished and ready to submit.
Clutha River, Otago. Where my story is set.