Thursday, October 7, 2010


Book number five completed, and what a read. Taken up almost a year after the last book, we find ourselves in a completely different setting. Hannah and her half brother Luke have finally found Jennet on an isolated Caribbean island. They embark on a daring mission to free her, only to find that Jennet and Luke's baby son has been kidnapped by a powerful and evil family.

The baby's trail leads them first to Florida then on to New Orleans, where the three of them become separated. Added to this complication is the 1812 war. The English are converging on the Louisiana coast while Andrew Jackson and his men have poured in from the north, to protect New Orleans.

Amidst the war torn city the three must find each other, save the baby and make their way home. Help is sent to them in the form of Jean-Benoit Savard - a man of French, African, Choctaw and Seminole extraction. Can he work a miracle?

Add in a love story, or two, and a pinch of voodoo and you have a gripping story.

There is now only one more book to read in this series. I'm looking forward to reading it, yet I know I'll miss these people and their stories.


  1. Sounds great! I really must try these books when I've finished up the adventures of Jamie and Claire (all hail Diana Gabaldon).

    BTW I see the Warehouse is now stocking all of Sara Donati's books.

  2. Pen,I'm sure you'll enjoy them. And when I'm finished I can start the adventures of Jamie and Claire!