Wednesday, November 24, 2010


The 24th day of Na No and it's hot and sunny in Dunedin.

Today I decided to get all domestic and wash the cushion covers on my two settees. While they were blowing in the breeze I vacuumed down around the edges of the settees. I hoped for money or forgotten possessions, but all I unearthed were paper clips, hair ties, bandaids and a boat load of dust.
At least I didn't have to use these to wash with. 

My daughter, who I home school, is spending a few days with her Grandma in Auckland, so I made the most of the freedom and spent the morning with a writing buddy. Then when I got home I attached myself to my seat and wrote 3000 words, which brings me back up to where I should be. I've had a hard few days, where the words just wouldn't come, but I'm back on track.

My story board that was covered with little yellow post-its is almost empty. I've covered two years and 21 post-its. There are nine left. The most exciting ones, containing the big climactic end.

In the last few days we've had: unusual weddings, strange goings on at the ranch, a meeting in a lawyers office and a quiet interlude between two lovers on the banks of Hell's Creek. The calm before the storm - maybe?

With only 9995 words to go before I hit the golden 50000, I'm feeling great.


  1. You have done an amazing job! Well done and best of luck with the ending.

  2. Well done indeed. I'm amazed by your daily wordcount. 3000 words in a day makes my fingers throw up their hands in surrender.
    - Chris Green
    "Help, my fingers are revolting!"

  3. Fantastic - I'm delighted to hear someone I know has the fortitude to do NaNo properly!!! I'm failing dismally (-: