Wednesday, November 17, 2010


In lots of places I had read that week two of NaNo was the hardest. Yep. I'd have to agree with that. Getting the minimum words out was like pulling the proverbial hen's teeth.

I went in to week three, a few hundred words behind and with bleak thoughts of tossing the whole thing in. Then came week three. I started with a whopping 3970 words on the first day and it's been plain sailing since.

I think the hardest thing is to put the internal editor away. I have to really push myself not to go back and fix that awkward sentence or check my notes for correct details etc. All that can wait until after I get these words down.There is a certain freedom in that kind of writing and when you get in the zone the words just pour out onto the page.

I'm enjoying meeting new characters and seeing the changes in old ones. Two characters are now married and happy, which made writing about them quite difficult, until I threw in a whole lot of conflict. (Rubs hands together in glee.)

Robert Leroy Parker aka Butch Cassidy
A new setting I'm using for this third book is the Wyoming State Penitentiary in Laramie. I've been doing some research on the prison and also found an excellent book that devotes a whole chapter to it. All helpful stuff. I've discovered that Butch Cassidy himself was a guest, not long after my character leaves.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, a baby is about to make an appearance and just who is that man riding on in?

Wyoming State Penitentiary in Laramie


  1. Love the teasers. I'm so looking forward to reading all of this. You are doing so well. I'm real proud. ;)

  2. Conflict and glee - perfect! Sounds great all round. Looking forward to more teasers ...

  3. My NaNo efforts have been pretty pathetic. I thought November would be a quietish month and I'd get lots done. Nah, wrong!!! Keep up the good work.

  4. It's really cool when I get back on track. I hate being behind. I love meeting my characters but I'm frustrated because I haven't been able to do all the research that I wanted to do.