Friday, May 4, 2012


Yesterday I ventured out into a chilly autumn night to attend a fund raiser for my kids old primary school. It was a quiz night and I love quizzes!

Our team was The Ex's. Four of us - all mother's of ex pupils. We came fifth in a field of eighteen teams. Not too bad and we even bet the teacher's team!

Amongst questions like 'how old is the prime minister' and 'how tall is our highest mountain' came the one that floored everyone:

'What is the name of the dot above a 'j' and an 'i'?

And the answer was - a tittle!

A random piece of information, but who knows when you might need it. It may be included in the next quiz you attend. Then you can stun your fellow team mates with your supreme knowledge and utter a word of thanks to JT.

And on another note.  Happy Star Wars Day!  May the Fourth Be With You!

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