Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Day three of the new term and I have to confess I haven't done any writing on my book. Tsk, tsk!

Yesterday I went on a photography expedition; checking out some of the older buildings in Dunedin. More on that in a day or two.  Otherwise I've been attending to some long overdue housework or looking after my youngest, who's home with the 'flu - poor mite.

However, my brain is fair buzzing with activity. I'm working on a new scene and all these ideas keep popping up. Which is wonderful. You see I'm a panster kind of writer, not a planner. I know the beginning and the end and a few spots in the middle, but I like to wait and see how these characters develop and see what they get themselves up to.  And my, they are getting up to all sorts!

We have a shadowy stranger, acts of petty crime, and a certain person is developing a powerful aversion to another particular person. I'm rubbing my hands in glee at these developments.

Well, I'm off to write it all down now.