Monday, July 16, 2012


Today is the first day of the new school term. Not long ago I waved hubby and all three kids good bye and immediately the silence of the house descended upon me. It's been a long time since the house was this empty. Last year my daughter was home schooled and for the first part of this year my oldest was unemployed. Today he starts a half year hospitality course at polytech.

As I drink my morning cuppa, catch up with emails and write this, I'm feeling at a loose end. Oh, there is house work galore and bundles of washing; I need to go for a long overdue walk and then there's the writing. But I think I might just pour anther cup of tea and enjoy the silence for a little longer.

Before I nip down to the kitchen again I have a couple of photos to share. Last week we traveled up to Timaru for the day to visit my aunt. It was a cloudy damp sort of day and the sun never did quite show its face. Just north of Palmerston the road follows close to the ocean along a beautiful yet deserted beach. I busily snapped photos with my phone, fascinated by the lemon light. Don't worry - I wasn't driving!

The little fishing village of Moeraki is on the other side of the headland on the horizon.


  1. Oh what gorgeous photos - I love that stretch of road, it always seems to offer up a light treat, if you know what I mean. Happy you've got some quiet to do some writing. Get to it! :)

  2. Yes, and it's such a beautiful beach. but we're always passing it by on the way to 'somewhere'. I really must stop and take a walk along it one day.

  3. Stunning photos - love the first one, that gap in the clouds and the light coming through, reflecting off the water.
    Yes, happy to hear you've got the place to yourself. :)

    1. Yes that first one is special. It's great to have a camera on the phone for when I forget the 'real' camera! :)

      I really enjoyed the quiet day, although I did more reading than writing. It always takes me a day or two to settle back into a routine.