Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I am the very proud owner of a Bernina 730 Record sewing machine, circa early 1960s. My old machine (which is actually only 20 years old) was tired and a bit broken and sewing on it was not a pleasant experience. So hubby took me shopping and we found this refurbished little gem.

30lbs (for metric people: that's heavy!) of brilliant Swiss engineering!

It's a dream to sew with. The motor purrs and the stitches are neat and straight. I pieced a wall-hanging the other day and I was reminded how much I love to sew! I have quite a few projects waiting for me to complete and my creative juices are dreaming up more by the hour! I'll post pictures as I complete them.

Two of my fellow Mad Scribblers (my critique group) also have newly acquired vintage machines. We may have to create a sub-group and call ourselves the Mad Vintage Sewers!

It's even got an attachment for spare bobbins and cotton reels and three pull out drawers for the large assortment of feet.

Do you sew and what do you sew on? I'd love to hear about your favourite, or not so favourite, machines.

A quick writing update: Amelia's muscles have atrophied (see earlier post here), but I'm licking those short stories in to shape.


  1. This is so funny.

    I bought one of these on HP way back in the early 67 for the princely sum of $130.00 or thereabouts...which I might add was an enormous amount of money.

    I got it home and had barely tried it out when my husband came home, a grin a mile wide in his face. He's just struck the double at the Te Aroha races and he handed me his winnings ... exactly the same amount I'd paid for my Bernina.

    I made all my childrens' clothes on it, drafted the patterns out of Enid Gilchrist books. That machine earned it's keep.

    I had four kids under 3 and a 6 year old. Not only did I make their clothes but ran up matching outfits for their dolls as well. I tell you I had more brains than sense.

    My old machine is still daughter used it for her kids and now my grandaughter is sewing clothes for her toddler.

    I went around to borrow it...I had a rush of blood to the head and thought I'd make myself a blouse. And before I could get it out to the car I suffered an allergic fit and had to get DH to carry it back inside.

    Those machines, with a little oil and TLC are virtually indestructible.

    Enjoy it Sue

    1. Love the story about the win at the races. My Mum had one of these and I learnt to sew on it, but when she passed away years ago it got sold. She made all my clothes and dolls clothes on it.

      I'm thoroughly enjoying myself. Sewed a set of coasters this afternoon. I just can't get over how such an old machine works so efficiently.

  2. I have a sewing machine exactly the same as yours, given to me by a wonderful elderly patchwork artist a few years back. Sadly, it's in the rear of the wardrobe collecting dust! One day, I'm sure I'll pull it out and stitch something together again.

    Your blog is looking wonderful. Keep up the good work and can't wait to read your short stories. :)

    1. Thanks Joanne. Hopefully I'll be finished the stories soon.

      I'm sure you'll love that machine when you get it going again!

  3. Well I have a glob sewing machine an off shoot of Bernina. I bought mine for about $200 before we got married so that would be about 35 years ago and I sewed my going away outfit (do you remember that f=sort of thing!!?) it was a three piece suit and I have sewn all out children's cloths on it numerous ballet things and curtains.
    It still goes and sits on a desk so I can get at it when I can

    1. These old machines just keep going don't they. I got married 21 years ago and by that time going away outfits were a thing of the past - thank goodness. I just wanted to get into a pair of jeans! lol!

      I need my machine on a desk too, it's so heavy to set up all the time. I'm hoping to organise a spot soon.

  4. Oh wow, that's beautiful. I just love it. I can't sew but I would sure learn if I had that machine.