Saturday, November 10, 2012


Ten days in, 17555 words, and one third of the challenge is over.

I've been surprised at how easy it has been this time around. Usually I can get my words done in about two hours. It is, of course, very first draft, but it's great to write with the internal editor bound and gagged.  I've just let him loose while I write this post and he's jumping about gleefully! Sshhh, don't tell him I'm about to lock him up again.

A few days ago I was tagged by Debbie from Deb E with a blog tag meme. It asks some questions about your current WIP.

So here goes.

What's the working title?
Blackbird - Maddie's Shoshone name.

What genre is it?
Historical Fiction/ Western

A brief synopsis
It has been almost a year since Maddie's Shoshone fiancé died and all she wants is to continue with their plans to raise dairy cows on a piece of her father's land. But her father, the leader of an infamous gang of outlaws has other plans and when a letter arrives from Boston, Maddie is forced to make the hardest decision of her life.
Add to that a blossoming, but difficult romance with her childhood sweetheart and the arrival of an unconscious stranger, with a dark secret.
Set in late 1880s in the mountains and plains of north west Wyoming, Maddie's story also takes the reader to Idaho, Montana and the bustling city of San Francisco.

Where did the idea for the story come from?
I was watching an old western, Alias Smith and Jones, and the story just fell in my lap. And BTW, apart from the odd outlaw, my story doesn't resemble the programme in any way.
I wasn't even a writer at the time, but the story wouldn't go away and so my journey as a writer began.

If your story was made into a movie who would you pick to play the roles?
I have definite pictures in my head for the characters, most of which are pure imagination. The exception being Maddie, who is a cross between Katie Melua (singer) and a young Sigrid Thornton and for Logan (her childhood sweetheart) a young Ben Murphy - straight out of Alias Smith and Jones. So I couldn't begin to think who I'd pick.

Ben Murphy

Sigrid Thornton

Katie Melua

Time for me to pass on the meme to 5 writers: Melissa Marsh, Clarissa Draper, Joanne Ganley, Elisabeth Grace Foley and Kay Cooke.


  1. I remember Alia Smith & Jones, vaguely. I think I had a big crush on Ben Murphy!

    Good to know more and more about your novel. The actors/singer you've chosen to play your characters look ideal. Your story is really coming alive!

    Thanks for the tag.

  2. Joanne, I think I had the same crush! But as an adult I prefer the other guy. ;)

    I hope all is going well with you and your writing.

  3. Wasn't Sigrid Thornton in that western t.v. show called Paradise? Hmm. May have to look that up.

    You're doing awesome with NaNo! Way to go!

    1. Sigrid was also in The Man From Snowy River. If you can unearth that - it was a mini series and there were two of them - I think you would enjoy it. Set in Australia, but a very 'western' type story.

  4. Really cool meme. I saw you tagged me. I will try to get it done.