Monday, June 21, 2010


I have just finished the second book in Sara Donati's Wilderness Series - Dawn on a Distant Shore. What an exciting read. I'd have to say I enjoyed it better than the first book. 

Shortly after the birth of twins, Elizabeth sets off to Montreal with her babies, her nine year old step-daughter and father's housekeeper - 60 year old Curiosity Freeman, a freed slave. Her husband, her father-in-law, and an old friend are in gaol there and somehow she is going to break them out!

After much adventure, the family is finally reunited. Then distant Scottish relatives interfere and Elizabeth rushes to a Quebec dock to find her children and Curiosity have been whisked away, on a ship bound for Scotland.

What follows are a string of adventures on the high seas. There are pirates, including the real life Anne Bonney, and skirmishes between the French and British navy. When they finally get to Scotland there are family secrets, intrigue and more threats to their lives, that all build to a satisfying end.

Sara Donati is skilled at flavouring her dialogue with different dialects and has a real handle on Scots. I find I'm now thinking in Scots, ye ken? 

If you enjoy a good historical read, then I highly recommend this series.  

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  1. Sound intriguing. I might have to note it in my TBR list.