Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I haven't blogged for awhile because I have been slogging away at my manuscript. 

Last weekend I printed off the first 300 pages - half way. My writing buddy is going through it with a fine tooth comb and a second copy is doing the rounds of a few readers. So while I nervously wait for their comments, suggestions, etc I'm working on the last half. 

I have about 100 pages left to tweak and polish and they are proving the hardest. 

In the meantime school holidays are looming, so my writing will have to take a back seat. Also our family are knee deep in fundraising for our oldest son, who is off to Europe next year. I avoided cheese roll making on Saturday with a writing workshop, but we are doing it all over again in August. Then there's the selling of raffles (sitting outside supermarkets and the Warehouse), A few sausage sizzles, chocolate selling and finishing the quilt for a Christmas raffle. And the list goes on. Of course I'm a permanent taxi driver for my 3 kids, I have to feed them and I think I might be responsible for keeping the house clean too.

When the final pages are printed, you'll hear about it. I might just throw a party.


  1. You sound very busy these coming weeks. Hope you sell a lot of sausages etc to send your eldest overseas. I remember those days myself -lots of fun and family time.

    You're doing so well with your novel, and I admire how you fit it around your family obligations. I know. You just do, and that's impressive! :)

    A party sounds great to me. Looking forward to hearing about it.

  2. Yay! Party time. Oh yeah!

    I'll hold you to that. :D

  3. Keep on slogging - writing is so much about being too persistent and stubborn to give up!

    I'm fundraising for Mr Ten year old to go to Scouts Jamboree at the New Year, of yes, I am over raffles, and chocolate and sausage sizzles, but have thankfully avoided the cheese rolls!