Tuesday, June 15, 2010


A couple of months ago, when I began the editing of my WIP, it was all about the beginning. Those first chapters had to be perfect. The first chapter had to grab you by the throat, the opening sentences had to shine like diamonds. 

I worked hard and long. I rewrote, tweaked, threw it all out and started again, and finally I was happy.

And so I plodded along, chapter by chapter. Reworking, rearranging and reacquainting myself with long forgotten episodes. Along the way I took some time out, wrote a short story, dreamed of future stories and got ahead of myself by tweaking some of Book Two. 

Now I am at the end. There are six or seven chapters to edit. Chapters I wrote over a year ago, chapters written before I'd made some deviations in the plot. I should feel so close to finishing, but I feel like I did when I started. This one tiny hurdle to completion feels like Mt. Everest. 

So, I'm going to take a deep breath, a mighty run and throw myself at it. 

I'll let you know how I get on.


  1. Yay! Can't wait to get my hot little hands on it!!!

  2. I can see you on the peak already! Well done to get so far.